Results from 23rd/24th April

Due to the Easter weekend there were only a limited number of games this past weekend

Firecrackers Clement 13U

won vs Blackout 15U 48-19

won vs NH Rivals 14U 46-22

Firecrackers Ingegneri 5th/6th

won vs Mainiacs 11u 32-22

lost vs Mainiacs Eastman 6th/7th 24-34

Firecrackers Success on the Track

Firecracker success is not limited solely to the basketball court. On Monday (4/4) at the Portland Expo, the Southern Maine Conference Indoor Track Fesival took place. A number of the Firecracker girls turned in a series of winning, and in… Continue reading

Game Results from March 20th

Game Results from weekend of March 20

Firecracker Briggs (14u)

Did not play

Firecracker Clement (13u)

W 42-21 vs. MB Nation 14u

W 39- 25 vs MB Nation 15u

Firecracker Seavey (12u)

L 40-32 vs. Me Hoops 13u

W 31-30… Continue reading